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Previous Litters

09/10/2015 - Dean and Bandana posing for the camera.  The only way I get Dean to agree to smile for the camera these days is if he has a puppy in  the picture with him!
Cheyenne & Dean with Hailey's 8 puppies.  The puppies were staying still while I took their pictures just like I had asked!  NOT!!  Picture taken 7/20/2014.
Dean getting all the puppy kisses a 6 year old boy can stand.  God has blessed my family!! 
Picture taken 7/13/2014.

"Madusa" our Great Pyrenees Anatolian Shepherd Mix loving on "Pepsi" one of our border collie puppies.  See it's not just people who can not help themselves from loving Border Collies even other dog breeds can't help themselves.  :)
Picture taken 04/12/2014.
Picture taken 10/20/2012 - I love this picture!!  Since you were not there I will tell you what the puppies were saying to each other.  Zailey "the red/white" told her siblings "Emily and Oscar" hold on I am taking you for a ride!  Then Emily and Oscar said "Yippee".
July 4th, 2013 - Dean and Daisy just a chillin in the yard.
Picture of Dean and Archer.  Hey guys!!  It is not nice to tell secrets!! I raised you with better manners then that.  :)
Picture taken June 2013.

Emily surprised Dean by giving a big ole wet kiss.  Dean giggled and giggled.  I told Dean that's not fair he doesn't giggle when I give him kisses.
Picture taken October 2012.
LeeLa chewing on Cheyenne's shoe.  Now we don't encourage this behavior here at Underwood Farm's but sometimes when it happens and it is as cute as this, you just have to take a picture and blame yourself for buying rubber shoes.  How is a dog to know the difference between this shoe and her rubber toys??
Picture taken June 2013.
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