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Welcome!  To Underwood Farms.  Underwood Farms is located in Leeton, MO a small rural town in Missouri about an hour from Kansas City, MO.  We raise Registered Border Collies and Angus Cattle, Oh yes also a Maltese, and our kitty! 

I grew up on an Angus Farm and my husband and I currently have Angus Cattle, so not to tell my age but that is 42 years I have had Angus Cattle.  :)  I have owned Border Collies for a couple of years now. I have always liked Border Collies but it was not until 2010 when my dad (Dad if your reading this part close your eyes) decided our daughter Cheyenne was old enough to start showing cattle and bought her a heifer to show, that I decided the timing was perfect for Cheyenne to have a Border Collie 4-H project, they could be a team and then maybe, I could talk her grandfather and her out of showing cattle.  Now hear me out, I showed cattle the whole time I was growing up and loved every minute of it.  I would not of changed showing cattle for anything.  Butttttt, as a worrying mother, a Border Collie as a 4-H project and life long companion seemed so much more appealing then a 800 pound heifer that I would have to hold my breath about not kicking or stepping on her in the show ring for the rest of her young life.  So begins the story of my love for Border Collies. 

We bought Hailey our first Border Collie and we loved her to pieces and we soon realized that she needed a playmate during the day while we are at work and school.  We decided we didn't want her be by herself all day that just seemed so not fun!  So if you need to get a playmate why not a boyfriend?  That is when Rowdy
came into our lives.  Plus if our youngest daughter has a dog it is only fair that our youngest son has a dog also, right?  The rest is history as they say.  Hailey and Rowdy have been best friends ever since.  Please look at the Female and Male page to get to meet them for yourself. 

We have had all of our Border Collies eyes tested for CEA and they have all tested CLEAR.

We feed our dogs Taste of the Wild dog food and give them the best quality of care every day. 

If you have any questions please email me at
carlottacreations@gmail.com or call me at (660) 422-0893. 

Carlotta Underwood  "Carla"

Picture One (1) is Hailey and Dean hanging out on Labor Day "9/3/2012" after an afternoon of grasshopper hunting. It was a 96 degrees that day. I started out hunting with them but gave up long before they tired out!
Picture Two (2) is a picture of our Dog Barn. This is where Mommy's get to hang out before having pups and while taking care of the pups the first eight (8) weeks. It is air conditioned and heated with plenty of playroom.
The rest of the pictures are of Hailey and Rowdy's previous litter.  Are they not the cutest puppies you have ever seen?  I am a little partial if you can't tell.  :)
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